May 12th – June 4th, 2016

Molly Moldovan

A presentation of her recent work.

Opening: May 14th from 1 – 3p.m.

Rather than focusing on one series, with this exhibition Moldovan has opted to present a cross-section of her recent work. She is known for her vibrant, colourful pieces that often straddle the divide between the objective and the abstract.

“The link between all of these paintings is the pristine landscape that surrounds me; the lake, forest and uninterrupted skyscape are the foundation of every piece that I paint. Natural phenomena – fall colour, northern lights, a colourful sunset, lunar eclipse, thunderstorm or a certain quality of light…all of these find their way into my work as the expression of an idea or memory of landscape.”

Moldovan with Migrations VII“I paint to loud rock music, allowing the rhythms and driving beat to carry me past conscious thought to that place where creativity lives; that place where imperfect memory joins with the emotion of the observed, sometimes with explosively colourful results and at other times calmer and more evocative of landscape.”

This show is held in the Members’ Room.

Molly Moldovan with her painting Migrations VII