Make a Leather Mask
Make a wearable mask or as a sculptured wall piece.


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Gov't Protocols

KAN will be following protocols regarding COVID-19 that are in place at the time this class occurs.

We will be using thin vegetable tanned leather to create our wet-formed (cuir bouilli) masks over face molds that he has for students use. The finished ‘mask’ can be made as a wearable mask or as a sculptured wall piece.

You will manipulate the damp leather piece over the face form and create the ‘mask’ with folds around the mold. At first, we will be experimenting with small pieces of leather to get the technique down and then move on to a larger piece of leather for the final ‘mask form’. These might be used as miniatures, ornaments, wearable pins. This is heated gently with a heat gun (or hair dryer) until the leather is dry and stiff and holds it’s new shape.
The supporting mold is removed and the final piece can be hand painted with acrylics or sprayed with paint cans. Fine details can be painted by hand. Decorative feathers may be hot glued on and hand sewn beads etc. for final fancy details as you wish. Colouring can be done with brushes and sponges.


Level: Beginner and up
Maximum size: 8
Available seats: 6
We do accept names for a waiting list.


Materials fee: $30 for the leather and other materials, and use of the tools,etc. Payable directly to instructor at class.

Artist: Paul Williams

See more of Paul’s work at