Thursday, May 25, 2017 from 10am-4pm

Join us! Watercolour batik combines two wonderful media – the brilliance and clarity of watercolour – and hot wax, which has a unique translucent property of its own.

Wax is fascinating because one moment it’s fluid and hot, the next moment it’s solid, sitting exactly where you placed it, immediately ready to receive the watercolour paint. There’s a degree of unpredictability to the process and always a moment of high anticipation as all the wax is removed and the painting beneath is revealed.

High precision is NOT a feature of watercolour batik, although one can become skilled in applying the wax for fine line and detail. Still the occasional wax drip is to be expected and adds to the characteristic “batik” look. The slight residual wax renders the watercolour to be richly saturated and somewhat translucent.

Using paraffin wax and watercolour paints, participants will complete at least one (ideally 2 or 3) small paintings on Japanese rice paper. Students will be guided through all the steps of the process from beginning (a simple sketch) to end (ironing off the wax to reveal the finished product). The instructor will provide demonstrations to clearly illustrate the steps and guidance to the students as they complete their own work.

Skill Level: Some watercolour painting experience is helpful.
Limited to number of participants: 8 (minimum of 4)

Instructor: Linda Virio,

Materials and equipment supplied by the Instructor:
•    Materials: Ginwashi rice paper, wax, patterns, prepared boards used as backing for painting, photo references, handouts
•    Tools and Equipment: wax melters, wax brushes, hair dryers, irons, Tjanting tools, Tjaps

Materials List for students:
•    Watercolour paints, a palette and a couple of watercolour brushes (not expensive, in case they accidentally get dipped into wax).
•    A 3/4” flat is perfect, but any medium sized brush will do.
•    One permanent .05 Micron (or similar) Pen – Black. It must be PERMANENT.

Course Fee: Members-$60 + $10 Materials Fee = $70 / Non-members-$75 + $10 Materials Fee = $85

Register and pay for class at Art on Kent.