Saturday, June 15, 2017 from 10pm-4pm

Learn how to print your own note cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, wall décor and more!

This one day relief printmaking workshop will introduce you to working with “Soft Lino”, a very easy material to cut, for creating repeat prints.  You will perform practice exercises to gain experience with the tools and inking materials, culminating in “pulling” an edition of prints.  The best part is that you can continue to create prints at home – no press is needed!

This one day workshop will cover lino-cutting techniques, with comprehensive information about the safe and proper use of cutting knives, creating the design to be printed, types of paper to use, the best inks for the purpose and how to ink up the lino plates in preparation for creating the prints.  All materials that will be used are non-toxic.

The lino block provided by the instructor will measure 6” x 12”, which can be used as one plate, or cut into several smaller ones.  An alternate process, for adding Oriental papers to the print, will also be included in the instruction.  Then an edition is printed, or ‘pulled’.  Instruction regarding clean up methods and re-inking will be included, so that you can re-use the printing block as is, or with different inks, again and again.

Skill Level: Novice/Beginner
Prerequisite: None
Limited to number of participants: 8 (minimum of 4)

Instructor: Angela Hennessey
Angela is an elected member of The Society of Canadian Artists

Course Fee: Members $60 + $10 Materials Fee = $70 / Non-members $75 + $10 Materials Fee = $85
Materials and equipment supplied by the Instructor: lino block, printing paper, variety of inks, cutting knives, wooden spoons

Register and pay for class at Art on Kent.