Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 10am-4pm

Create your own unique hanging Gourd Bird House to entice our fine feathered friends to come and nest in your backyard.

Using a hard-shelled, bottle gourd, style your own creation with carving, wood burning or painted designs…or a combination of methods. Copper wire will be shaped, to form a hanger to facilitate hanging your gourd outside. When complete, you might decide to use this work of art to enhance your indoor décor instead. The choice is yours!

Each participant will get a clean, dried, hard-shelled bottle gourd. With simple tools, you will open the gourd and remove the seeds (these can be used for planting next year).

Once the gourd is cleaned out, you will sand the opening smooth. This can be a dusty process, so wear a mask if you wish.

Pyrography (wood burning) and carving techniques will be demonstrated. You may choose that style of design to decorate your birdhouse, or apply a painted design, using the acrylic paints and inks provided. Use your imagination, or be inspired by the samples provided, for this original work of art. To complete your project, you will construct a copper wire hanger to suspend your bird house for a tenant, or simply for display and compliments.

Skill Level: All levels
Prerequisite: None
Limited to number of participants: 8 (minimum of 3)

Instructor: Beverley Williams, vasb@jvyyvnzfqrfvtaffghqvb.arg
Course Fee: Members $60 / Non-members $75
Materials Fee is included in course fee

Materials and equipment supplied by the Instructor:

  • gourds
  • paints, inks, markers, copper wire
  • wood burning, sanding, drilling tools

Materials List for students:

  • cloth face mask (if susceptible to dust)

Register and pay for class at Art on Kent.