Terry Atchison

Kiln formed glass. Water. Refraction. Remote islands.

Terry Atchison

Glass bestows a passion that excites and pampers my soul unlike any other medium.

Terry Atchison is a glass artist living in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. Each of her creations tells a story of its own, influenced by a rich life immersed in nature, culture and symbolism.  

Early on, photography offered an intrinsic expressive outlet for Terry’s fascination with the refractive properties of light, reflection, and the wispy characteristics of water.  Following a short stint in Ryerson Polytechnical Institute’s Photographic Arts program, her focus shifted to underwater photography while crewing on a dive boat in the remote out-islands of the Exuma Cays. 

Her professional journey took her away from art and into the sciences while she raised her family and funneled her creative energies into a career of nursing, entrepreneurship and University educator.  

Once retired, Terry was introduced to the art of kiln formed glass at a one-week course at the Haliburton School of Art & Design. She was instantly captivated and challenged by the whimsical and unpredictable shape shifting nature of glass when exposed to heat and pressure and immersed herself in books, online courses and resources to learn and develop the knowledge and skills needed to work with this complex, but rewarding medium.