Peter Warland

Painting. Portraiture. Historic architecture.

Peter Warland

Peter was born and raised on the south coast of England, in an area called “The NewForest”, where he lived and worked until retiring to Canada with his wife in September 2020.

Drawing and painting has been an occasional interest for many years and it was not until retiring did he find time to explore this fascinating hobby in greater depth.

He has no formal training but plenty of practice and is happy to paint or draw whatever interests him; that is mainly people, portraiture and historic buildings.

Influences were originally from Pre-Raphaelite artists but a visit to France opened his eyes to understanding impressionism. Visits to the many galleries in London, Paris and Amsterdam have also influenced his taste.

Exhibitions of individual artists which had a great effect on understanding their art were Van Gogh, Lucien Freud, Rembrandt and Leonardo de Vinci.