C. Joy McCallister

Painting. Acrylic. Abstract realism. Nature.

C. Joy McCallister

C. Joy McCallister is a Nova Scotia born artist who lives in the village of Kirkfield in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes area. Her roots are strongly entrenched by the 1632 Acadian settlers to Nova Scotia. The Maritimes have been a major influence on who she is today and what inspires her. Evoking strong memories and feelings are the melodic east coast sounds, the touch of its inspirational winds, and the fragrant smells of the salt air. Also a strong influence in her art is the art of dance, an active force in Joy’s life for over 20 years.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Joy has taken a few workshops to explore techniques and strengthen her skills. Her journey to discover her preferred art style and media led to experimentation with many art forms and media. Although her art interests remain varied, her preference is abstract realism imposed on intimate views of nature.

In 2002 Joy attended a Painting Wildlife course with Canadian artist David Alexander Risk at the Haliburton School of Art & Design. This milestone course made it clear she should take art further. David Risk’s teachings from that time remain a strong influence. Taking Robert Bateman’s Passions & Practices course proved to be another milestone. When everything she learned from these two artists Risk meshed, the ensuing catylst took her art to a new level. Armed with new-found confidence, she has not looked back.

Following a career in adult education and training design, it’s natural for Joy to give some art instruction as time permits. She teaches the occasional beginner acrylic workshop, some of which are in support of community programs. She also donates the occasional piece of artwork to community charity silent auctions.

Joy has been a member of the Kawartha Arts Network since 2017 and chairs the KAN’s Programming Committee. She is also a member of the Kawartha Art Gallery and the Kawartha Lakes Art Council. You can contact Joy at wblfcnvagobk@tznvy.pbz