Until Tomorrow (oils on canvas) by C. Joy McCallister

C. Joy McCallister

C. Joy McCallister is a self-taught artist. Her intense study of dance from an early age and her love of music inevitably weave their way into her artwork.

Joy discovered art through folk art in the late 1990s. The few art courses she took were to explore techniques and improve her skills.

A wildlife painting course in 2002 with Canadian artist David Alexander Risk led to Joy discovering her passion for art. Without much time to paint due to career, it wasn’t until 2014 that she took up painting. She mostly uses acrylics, but experiments with oils, watercolours, pastels, and linoprinting to see where it takes her.

Her approach to art is to reflect the beauty and unexpected details in our world with its moments and little bits of delight we often passed over. Joy’s matter-of-fact appproach to life is often reflected in her art. She continually strives to force herself outside her comfort zone.

More of Joy’s work may be viewed at Joy’s Paintbox