Bill van Koot

Carving. Painting. Sculpting. Wood. Passion.

Bill van Koot

Bill’s move to Bobcaygeon had a profound change on his life. He was suddenly in a world of trees and lakes. His love of the outdoors and the spirits of the woods always captured his interest and has been his inspiration in evolving his business called “Caygeon Wood Spirits.”

Bill began carving some 30 years ago as a stress relief from the ‘corporate world.’ And now is able to enjoy his passion with a more intense effort for finding the ‘perfect’ spirit in every piece that he creates.

Bill will often walk in the woods and find a dead, dried and weathered branch or tree stump and using chisels begin to carve. Within minutes, a face begins to appear.

Bill enjoys all aspects of carving, painting and sculpting. Now, what seems like minutes are actually hours as he immerses himself in a simple piece of wood or canvas. Bill allows the natural shape of wood to dictate what the finished carving will be and allows his imagination to carry him to a peaceful place on the canvas.

Creating art is a passion that will be with him for life. He believes everyone has a passion for something – just open your eyes and minds and allow yourself to see the forest and the trees.